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Feel the rush of performing with an experienced industry professional! 


Developed exclusively by the Founder and Creative Director of The It Girls, dance workshops that bring out the best in you!


Having been a professional dancer for over two decades, one of the greatest pleasures I now find in my work is sharing my passion and expertise with others, wherever they are in the world.


Dance is an international language that can speak to anyone and be enjoyed by everyone. This is why I love running workshops so much. Workshops let me share my technical experience, but most importantly, it lets me bring out the confidence, skills and emotions of the dancers, leaving them glowing, filled with happiness and a sparkle in their eyes.

Check out the workshop in Ho Chi Min City

As an eclectic choreographer I cover a huge variety of dance styles in my workshops, from the roaring twenties to contemporary electro swing. I also make sure everyone in the workshop has a feathered fan and twenties style headband. Not just because I think that a feathered fan is a unique and versatile dance prop, but because it really empowers those in my workshops to let loose, have a great time and show off some elegance! For me every workshop is about coming together, feeling good from the inside out and celebrating sisterhood through the beauty of dance.


A little more about Sparkle Like You Mean It! workshops:

• Workshops are run by a highly experienced industry professional

• They can be anywhere in the world (previous workshops in Sydney, Ho Chi Minh City

   and London)

• Sessions are typically 90 minutes although this is flexible. 

• Dance experience is preferable, but I believe that everyone has some sparkle in

   them waiting to break out!

• Every dancer gets to use a feathered fan and wear a chic 1920s headband! 

If you want to sparkle like you mean it and are interested in a workshop, drop

me an email or  contact me today for more details.

You can read about my Ho Chi Min

workshop here

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