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Up and coming UK workshops 

2024 Workshops coming soon!….

Sparkle Like You Mean It!


Feel the rush of performing with an experienced industry professional!

Developed exclusively by the Founder and Creative Director of The It Girls, dance workshops that bring out the best in you!

Having been a professional dancer for over two decades, one of the greatest pleasures I now find in my work is sharing my passion and expertise with others. My workshops are just one way of doingthis, and through extensive development, I now have a range of workshops to suit everyone, wherever they are!

Face to Face Workshops & Parties

These sessions deliver fabulous fun with feather fans! You’ll learn how to use an Ostrich Feathered Fan and master the Showgirl strutt! 

  •  Every dancer gets to use a feathered fan and wear a chic 1920s headband!

  •  They can be anywhere in the world (previous workshops in Sydney, Ho Chi Min City and London)

  •  Sessions are typically 90 minutes although this is flexible.

Check out my insta page for upcoming dance dates!

Insta - @sparkle_likeyoumeanit

Tiny Sparkles

As a mum, I regularly see the joy that dance can bring for our little ones which is why I started working on Tiny Sparkle parties. These sessions consist of fun warm-ups, strutting our sparkly stuff on catwalks and of course, learning how to dance like Dua Lipa (or their favourite dance idol).

  •  Parties are for ages 7 years and up

  •  Music and dances can be customised to suit age and theme of party

  •  Sessions are typically 1 hour but can be longer if requested.

Tiny Sparkles Tracy Dennis

If you want to sparkle like you mean it and are interested in a workshop, drop

me an email or  contact me today for more details.

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